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The sensation! A HiTec film tube solves your toilet problems!


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Cloxi for: profession, nursing, home .... easy for any location!

more models and custom designs on request.


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The waterless toilet for each application

hygienic - odorless - environmentally friendly - mobile - aesthetically

Are you looking for a waterless, odorless, hygienic, mobile

and environmentally friendly toilet:

For freetime

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For home care?

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For treatment room?


For the professional job?


For organization?


For the individual job site?

At work

Which design should have your toilet?

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Further versions, cabins and special designs available


Advantages of Cloxi toilet

The new waterless Cloxi toilet is available wherever is needed. It offers the following advantages:

  • 100% hygienic and clean by the high-tech Cloxi film
  • Always clean and no debris
  • Without water and sewerage connections
  • Easy to use, to flush the toilet pressing button
  • Maximum odor-free due to odor-resistant foil tube
  • Integrated fan with Charcoal filter
  • Simply inserting a new film tube
  • Safe storage of the filled film tube
  • Convenient drainage and easy disposal with residual waste
  • Environmentally friendly combustion

The Cloxi Technology

The Cloxi foil tube, which consists of seven layers with an odor barrier and absolutely impervious mechanics at the "pulling down" are the basis of the new Cloxi technology. This technology is supplemented by automatic activation of activated carbon filters, which absorb the odor during toilet use ,

After urinating the 7-layer film tube is electronically conveyed through a button in the lower part of Cloxi toilet and pressed together by a smell-proof mechanism. At the same activated carbon filters are activated. By the addition of a gelling agent, the liquid can be solidified.

The film tube is easy to change. When inserting the film end is sealed and then takes the toilet several times to drain to. Upon removal of the waste bag is removed from the sealed tube. It is easy to dispose of and environmentally friendly (combustion) as residual waste.

Cloxi, fÜR the free time

For a carefree time on the boat, in a caravan in the garden house, the pool area and also for the guests in the guest room Cloxi is the perfect solution.

There are already some toilet solutions for the leisure market; However, they have major drawbacks. You are not odorless, difficult to dispose of, or not always hygienic, so users often prefer the public toilets.

With Cloxi these problems belong to the past. They can be placed anywhere very intuitive and provide a clean, odorless and easily disposable toilet - even your guests will appreciate it.

Cloxi for home care

For disabled people going to the toilet to an insurmountable hurdle will.

For people with limited mobility, it is difficult to impossible to leave 5 to 10 times a day the bed or chair to go in the bathroom to the toilet.

Cloxi in furniture design can be placed directly next to the bed as a "beautiful piece of furniture," so that the transition to the bathroom is unnecessary. this particular night a big gain in dignity and security for these people. Visitors do not realize Cloxi as a toilet - and smell does not do it anyway.

Cloxi in professional life

For people with flexible working places such as on site, in the trailer, in the truck or in nature is Cloxi the perfect solution.

Since Cloxi can be placed even in difficult terrain, requires no water connection, is completely odorless and easy to carry, the toilet is perfect for craftsmen, construction workers and all the people who work professionally flexibly at different locations.

The film tube can be anywhere without problems, along with the accumulated garbage of the working day, be disposed of with household waste.

Cloxi, in the treatment room

For example, when Colon Therapy going to the toilet to an insurmountable hurdle will.

When millions of elderly, sick or mobility impaired people want to visit their regular toilet, they are forced to leave their immediate living area 5-10 times a day and go to a bathroom.

Depending limited mobility these people are, the more difficult if not impossible to overcome even the few meters away from the bed or chair to the toilet in the bathroom.

This applies during the day and especially at night when it is dark, cold, circulatory problems or other impairments.

Cloxi organizations

For large organizations is a portable, hygienic, easily usable toilet for a large number of people of central importance. For these applications we offer customized solutions with the Cloxi special models.

For applications of the emergency services, the police, or the military, we manufacture Cloxi Special models according to the specific customer requirements.

Special transport devices, stacking capability, robustness, security, higher absorption capacity of the film tubes and related Toillettenkabinen trolleys, or -Tents we design together with the customer.

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