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Die mobile Toilette

The world novelty of the Caravan 2021 with the high-tech hose

Secure your mobile Cloxi toilet, available in two versions.

hygienic thanks to foil tube


environmentally friendly disposal


waterless and without chemicals


Our new Cloxi models from April 2023

The innovative technology is available in 2 variants:

Cloxi A3 498€*

B 29,5 T 37,9 H 30 cm
height adjustable
Seat heights 35, 41 cm and 47 cm

Cloxi B3 598€

floor model
B 29,5 T 37,9 H 48 cm
fixed seat height 47 cm

The proven and popular Cloxi technology is the same for both models and has been further optimized in some respects


*all prices including VAT ex works

The benefits of the Cloxi toilet simply explained

The integrated electronic control monitors and regulates the activated carbon filter fan with different modes for day and night operation.
The filling quantity in the waste container is monitored and instructions for disposal are given.
Variable power supply with connection to the 12V on-board network using a separate power pack.
If you wish, you can get a battery that you simply connect with two plugs and that's it
your Cloxi toilet is completely mobile and self-sufficient.

See for yourself in this video …

Height adjustable in 3 levels

  • Seat heights 34.5 cm -40.5 cm – Seat heights 34.5 cm -40.5 cm
  • suitable for children from 2 years
  • the gelling agent solidifies the liquid

Clean and odorless

During operation and disposal through the hose, the closure and the fan with activated carbon.

Without water and chemicals

  • can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner everywhere
  • also with the compostable hose
  • 10 uses weigh less than 2 kg

Easy handling

Simply press the lid down = pull it off. The hose is transported into the waste container and sealed odor-tight.

Small, light and stackable

  • H 29,5 x B 29,9 x T 37,9 cm = Euroboxformat
  • Seat heights 34.5 cm -40.5 cm
  • Seat heights 34.5 cm -40.5 cm

Good design

  • Can also be used as a stool or table
  • adjustable in 3 heights
  • practical for indoors and outdoors

The HiTec hose

Seat heights 34.5 cm -40.5 cm

The folding screen

  • the litter tent quickly provides privacy protection
  • the collapsible cabin is a must for the day
  • great advertising space always with you

New possible solutions

  • everyone their own Cloxi = 100% safe
  • everyone is responsible for their hygiene
  • in the truck, at work, in the nursery

Get one of the first Cloxi toilets

Orders can be placed immediately.

We are happy to advise you personally

Cloxi, 100% mobile and really suitable for every location

Seat heights 34.5 cm -40.5 cm

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

WINTERNATIONAL GmbH Tel .: 0211 – 580 030 510 E-Mail: info@cloxi.com

Cloxi - on the go in everyday life

No toilet available? No problem with Cloxi. Cloxi is easy to store, hygienic and yet comfortable. Thanks to the easy handling and practical transport, you can do that contactlessly and at any time “quiet place” to seek out.

Cloxi - in your free time

Whether on the sailboat, in the caravan, in the allotment garden, for the children in the pool area or when camping - Cloxi is the perfect solution. Clean, odorless and easy to dispose of.

Easy to stow away and also versatile as a stool or side table.

Cloxi - in public use

Large organizations such as emergency services, the police or the military need a portable, uncomplicated and hygienic toilet. We offer you specific and individual custom-made products.

48 x Cloxi = 1 Europalette

Cloxi - for home care

The practical use right next to the care bed makes it easier for people with reduced mobility to go to the toilet. Cloxi offers you great flexibility and security, especially at night. Visitors perceive Cloxi as a stool or side table.

Cloxi - for the home

In the garden house, next to the sauna or the whirlpool - Cloxi can be used anywhere without electricity and water. In your home, too, Cloxi offers you security and hygiene in every location. Cloxi is suitable for children from 2 years of age.

Further versions, cabins and special designs available

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