Regardless of the intended location, Cloxi has a suitable solution

the Cloxi – Technology can be used universally in different housing shapes and can be used for 15 – 100 uses can be designed without changing the film tube and the waste container.

We are very interested to develop special solutions together with you, e.g. for use in areas with water shortages, lack of toilets, special hygiene requirements ect.

The filled Cloxi film is environmentally friendly to burn and even provides energy.

The film can also be made from biodegradable materials and can then be composted or reused in biogas plants.

Cloxi for leisure

For a carefree time on the boat, in a caravan in the garden house, the pool area and also for the guests in the guest room Cloxi is the perfect solution.

There are already some toilet solutions for the leisure market; However, they have major drawbacks. You are not odorless, difficult to dispose of, or not always hygienic, so users often prefer the public toilets.

With Cloxi these problems belong to the past. They can be placed anywhere very intuitive and provide a clean, odorless and easily disposable toilet - even your guests will appreciate it.

Cloxi for home care

For disabled people going to the toilet to an insurmountable hurdle will.

When millions of elderly, sick or mobility impaired people want to visit their regular toilet, they are forced to leave their immediate living area 5-10 times a day and go to a bathroom.

Depending limited mobility these people are, the more difficult if not impossible to overcome even the few meters away from the bed or chair to the toilet in the bathroom.

This applies during the day and especially at night when it is dark, cold, circulatory problems or other impairments.

Cloxi in professional life

For people with flexible working places such as on site, in the trailer, in the truck or in nature is Cloxi the perfect solution.

Since Cloxi can be placed even in difficult terrain, requires no water connection, is completely odorless and easy to carry, the toilet is perfect for craftsmen, construction workers and all the people who work professionally flexibly at different locations.

The film tube can be anywhere without problems, along with the accumulated garbage of the working day, be disposed of with household waste.


Cloxi, in the treatment room

For example, when Colon Therapy going to the toilet to an insurmountable hurdle will.

Following the therapeutic treatment, the patient is made possible by the Cloxi toilet without to dress and seek common practice toiletries, directly in treatmentto use the room Cloxi toiletries.

This is not only very comfortable for the patient; it also has a positive effect on the practice routine.

Cloxi organizations

For large organizations is a portable, hygienic, easily usable toilet for a large number of people of central importance. For these applications we offer customized solutions with the Cloxi special models.

For applications of the emergency services, the police, or the military, we manufacture Cloxi Special models according to the specific customer requirements.

Special transport devices, stacking capability, robustness, security, higher absorption capacity of the film tubes and related Toillettenkabinen trolleys, or -Tents we design together with the customer.

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